Nisa Retail Limited

Developing a revitalised national retail brand internally and externally

In 2012 Nisa demerged from the Nisa-Todays group to create a retail focused business, with over 1,000 convenience stores and supermarkets in the UK. Working directly with the CEO and board, Fluid Design Studio designed a number of business strategy documents which communicated clearly and visually to all stakeholders the vision for the business over the next five years. In doing so, we developed the Nisa visual brand.

Following on from the strategy documents, Fluid designed the annual report for shareholders for 2012 and 2013; both were important in communicating elements of the new strategy and vision for Nisa, including reassuring shareholders that despite recent changes, this was a long established business which was growing and consolidating in a competitive convenience retail market. In 2013 we simply created the message ‘A proud history, a strong future’ and combined that with a strong landscape image to evoke the feel of a breath of fresh air, a bright future – a positive and reassuring message.

Another exciting project for Nisa is the Nisa Retail Academy. This initiative is to train and educate retail staff across the UK on best practice and regulations. We created a brand identity logo which features a star. The device is a merger of a shopping basket icon, an ‘A’ shape to represent ‘Academy’ and a star, to represent merit and achievement in graduating through the Nisa Retail Academy. A strong visual language was developed and culminated in a pilot scheme of eight training guides. The feedback from Nisa HQ and Nisa’s retailers was superb. The training guides and branding were well received throughout the UK, so much so that Nisa is now rolling out further training guides to satisfy the strong demand from their member retailers.

In 2012, Nisa won the prestigious Symbol Retailer of the Year award at the Grocer Gold Awards. We had part to play in this success by designing a stunning award entry brochure which helped secure this landmark award for Nisa, attracting a number of new retailers to become part of the Nisa symbol group.